Silicone Moisturizing Socks for Dry and Cracked Feet

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Dealing with painful, cracked feet? Applying lotion before bed and then wearing socks is pointless. The cotton absorbs the moisture before your feet can. These silicone gel inserts keep the moisture locked into your skin so it can fully absorb.

Best Moisturizing Foot Socks

With breathable comfort and arch support, these inserts are comfortable enough to wear all day. The soft silicone will ease the pain from deep cracks in your heels. Suitable for men or women, these inserts conform to your feet to stay in place all night long. Plus, they’re reusable. Just wash with soap and water between uses.


  • Stretchy Comfort - These inserts feature skin-like comfortable silicone. With holes for breathability, your feet won’t sweat in these socks.
  • Arch Support - After being on your feet all day, you’ll love slipping these silicone inserts on. The reinforced arch soothes tired, achy feet.
  • Available in 4 Sizes - Men and women both get dry feet. That’s why these inserts come in sizes S to XL.

Locks in Moisture 

Liberally slather your feet with moisturizer before putting on the inserts. The non-absorbent silicone locks in moisture.

Washable & Reusable 

This tough silicone can be worn as often as every night. Wash with mild soap and water as needed.


No one likes sweaty, clammy feet. With these breathable inserts, your feet get plenty of airflow while you moisturize them.


Package: 1 pair

Size:  S,  Length and width about 17.5*8.5cm

          M, Length and width about 19.3*9cm

          L, Length and width about 21.1*9.5cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Belinda Wayne

love these.

Go Cal Bears! Joshua and AnnMarie Golovin’s profile

These are the easiest and most comfortable slippers and they help dry feet, too


These are super-comfortable and soft.

Kathy Kline

For those who want to wear these with socks and shoes, the VENTILATED silicone socks are for you! I have worn these ventilated socks under socks and with shoes for about two weeks and my feet feel so soft. I'm glad I got these. My shoes and boots are a half size bigger than what I wear in the summer due to wearing socks. I usually put extra inserts in winter shoes for more cushion so wearing these with or without the inserts works perfectly. If you have flat feet and/or bunions, these are perfect for protecting your feet from rubbing and getting calloused. You get two pair. They wash easily with soap and water and dry pretty fast. I highly recommend these!As a side note, I do NOT recommend you wear lotion with these. They will slip around when you walk. Wearing them without lotion will still make your feet soft.Update: I accidentally wore these with lotion and had to remove them as I felt like I was sloshing around. Then I decided to put them OVER MY SOCKS and slip my shoes on making sure to keep them straight as I did so. Surprisingly, they stayed in place all day. AND they kept my feet moisturized as well. Still very happy with my purchase.


I used these under my socks for running and they worked really well. But after a few uses, they got stretched out and would not stay on. I wish they made them a little thicker and allowed for more coverage, maybe right below the ankle. Or at least make a version for runners.

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