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Foot pain and muscle injury are extremely common today and are often caused by a lack of support from the shoes many wear.

Americans are more active and attuned to their bodies than ever before, but their shoes rarely offer the support they need. Fortunately for those suffering from chronic foot pain, there are new Foot Orthotic Arch Supports on the market today. Bio-lock heel cup technology has been installed to the unique gel insole which provides stability and comfort for your feet, reducing the risk of injury and providing you with an improved foundation for movement of all kinds.

Feet Need Arch Support

The arch supports even come with bipedal bone arrangements, allowing you to adjust the force points when you walk. The insole is built with four chips for maximum flexibility and comfort; exchange chips as you need, including a low level chip for flexibility and a stab chip for a relaxing foot massage.The product has been tested and proven in terms of quality and consistency; ninety-nine percent of users experienced foot pain relief, ninety-eight experienced back pain relief, and ninety-seven experienced knee and leg pain relief.

The Best Orthotic Insoles


Customizable Sizes: The arch supports have four arch inserts depending on your needs, including a reflexology acupressure massage insert. These inserts come in eleven sizes and work comfortably in sneakers, tennis shoes, boots, flats, dress shoes, and more.

Odor-Free And Washable: The inserts are resistant to odor and can be cleaned in a washing machine for fast and easy cleaning.

Cushioned Comfort: The arch supports work each and every time your foot strikes the ground, providing support for your feet as you walk or play.

Improve Your Comfort When Standing, Walking Or Running


Pain Reduction: Reduce experiencing foot, knee, hip and lower back pain by aligning your spine, feet and pelvic areas.

Improved Comfort: Swaddle your feet in comfort no matter what position you’re in. Great for use when standing, walking, or running.

Conditioning: Strengthen and steady heels and ankles. Help your muscles become stronger by switching inserts frequently.

All-Around Support: Metatarsal and longitudinal support helps your muscles grow and develop without pain or discomfort.

Advanced Protection: Take care of your feet, legs, and spine from the stress of running, walking, and playing sports.

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  • Material: Nano High Platinum Plastic
  • Suitable Shoes: Sports Shoes
  • Insole Category: Half Insole
  • Insole Function: Orthopedic Insole
Arch Support Inserts Relieve Back, Foot & Knee Pain

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Karen Trendel
Walk fit

I have always liked walkfit insoles but because of an acquired broken foot deformity I can only use the right one. But the right one is perfect. Highly recommend.

Frank Y.
Great Insoles for Arch Support

I don't have have any issues with my feet or plantar fasciitis, but I decided to get these on recommendation from some other people at my work.The shoes I wear typically have cheap EVA foam insoles, and there is really little to no arch support. My mom (who does have plantar fasciitis) and I have both been to podiatrists and they say that most shoe companies that have flat soles keep them in business, since they cause the wearers arch to eventually collapse. A lot of guys at my job use these insoles, so I thought I would give it a try. At first they were super uncomfortable and weird, because I'm not used to having any arch support. But over a couple weeks, I got used to it and they stared to break in. Now I don't want to wear any shoes without arch support. Pictured is the product inside my Vans Varics shoes. I pulled out the insole (which was not attached) and it fit perfectly. I don't recommend you try ripping out insoles that are glued to the shoe. I tried it and now my feet touch all the weird, not smooth parts and it's weird and uncomfortable.

From Pain to Pleasure

This is my 2nd set. The 1st set held up over 2 years. A great value, as I used to replace my inserts every 2 months.1) They take time to get used to wearing. They don't feel good at first. My last pair finally wore out after years and I replaced them with a double set of inserts from the store (which still don't give me enough support).Now I haven't worn this brand in 2 months so my feet have to adjust again. I remember this feeling...they hurt my arches at first. I have cramping in my feet. Follow instructions...wear a short time and build up a tolerance. Once you do, you'll love them. 2) I spent the first couple of months with the low arch inserts and then switched them out for med, and eventually I liked the high. I never could stand the "massaging" inserts.3) My feet still hurt when I'm on them for long, but these inserts give me a lot more walking and standing time. Better than any other inserts I've used. Be patient, tolerate the aching arches for a short time, and eventually you will love them.

Kevin Sears
If you have EXTREMELY high arches, read on...

I have extremely high arches and as I'm getting old, I need more support. My feet hurt ALL the time. NONE of the drugstore type inserts for 'high arch' even comes close. The custom inserts are just too expensive, especially when I hear people say they don't really help. I am totally in love with these supports instead. First time in years I've gone to bed without a heating pad on my feet. Couple of tips: I have some short Ariat work boots I just bought as I have got to do some yard work and I put the 'high' version in those. I was able to cut away ivy and brush for hours. Could not believe it. Then I figured I'd test these out in other shoes. My tennis/walking shoes only want the 'low' insert. Anything else feels like I've put golf balls in them. I tried them next in some Ugg like boots with sheepskin lining (insole not removable) and have not been able to make any height work. You have to remove any liner in the shoe/boot unless it is really thin. They come with a kit to put in sandels but I've not tried that. Someone else here said you need to wiggle your foot a bit to get that arch support in the 'sweet spot', and you really do. If you don't they won't feel right. I am really excited about this as all I have worn for years are Birkenstocks and Orthoheel. I am a woman and of course I love shoes... Gonna go shopping! BTW: they do not - really cannot - work with th Birkenstock molded footbed.Edited to add: oddly enough I find I change the medium to low in the mornings. I went shoe shopping today and different shoes really react differently so no mail order for me. Ordered a second set today.

Ara. Tay
CURED my plantar faciitis

I have continued to use them (the same ones I bought 4 years ago) and have no issues with my feet at all. These have been life-changing - which sounds ridiculous, but if you suffer from extreme plantar fasciitis, you’ll understand. A few months after the review below and wearing these orthotics faithfully - my plantar fasciitis was CURED. They are the only reason I was able to walk miles per day around New York City a week after I finally started wearing them. My plantar fasciitis remains cured to this day as long as I use these inserts for long walks. I tried everything under the sun and I kick myself for not using these sooner. Thank you!I had an awful case of plantar fasciitis in both feet. After visiting a podiatrist and doing the recommended stretches, as well as no longer wearing cute shoes without any arch support, my right foot improved, but my left foot got worse. I'm amazed at the improvement in 3 days, when everything else I've tried for MONTHS gave me no relief at all. So, my advice to you is to really give these a try, even though they may be uncomfortable at first. I'm really looking forward to further improvement with the use of these.

Robert G Simmerman
They work well - I love them

I have bought several sets of these. They are not exactly like a custom-made orthotics but they work pretty well. With a custom-made, you have to move the pair from shoe to shoe. So, having several of these makes it nice. I wear many different shoes, from tennis shoes, golf, bowling, boots,and dress shoes. So, these are great for me. Also, they are fairly easy to move from one pair of shoes to another, so if you want to just do that, these are great. I like the fact that these are not full-foot length - it gives me more room in my shoes for my toes.

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