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These pads completely eliminate pain due to metatarsalgia when walking or standing. They provide the cushion needed to insulate the metatarsal from impact. This is an amazing product.

I will never know if they work because no matter what kind of socks I tried, they moved out of place when I put socks on.

When I got them I couldn't imagine they would really work...what a surprise. Not having the callus issues like before

A little hard to put a sock over and keep in place. Once situated, very comfortable.

I like these better than any pads I have tried. However, I would love some thicker ones.

Para más comodidad para mis pies

This product is the only one that actually helped my pain. They show through some of my shoes , but i’m mostly home now anyway. Great product. I’ve tried other things and they are too squishy or too hard.

Fit well, stayed in place while walking around, comfy gel cushioning. Will definitely be using more often for my metatarsal pain.

They are perfect neuroma pads, easy design, can be placed with different shoes, allows not to sweat the foot makes it different from others, relieves the pain of the ball of foot, relieves the burning sensation in the metatarsal area.

they help however if they went on with bunching up some times would be better

love it

A game changer for me. This product is light it totally takes the pain out of walking . It also takes the pressure off my big toe so I can wear shoes other than just sneakers.

They are compact, lightweight, and extremely breathable, so even in the middle of the summer heat, they don’t cause feet to sweat.I would definitely purchase these again, if not to relieve my foot pain, but just for the added comfort they provide.

These work perfect, relieved all pain, love them

These pads work great-fit great, very comfy, not bulky like the one I bought from a podiatrist. Instant relief and while I work on my feet all day as a nurse these are a godsend!! I will purchase more.

i was in pain and i was looking for some pain relief, thanks to this metatarsal pads i no longer need to take medications for the pain and i can enjoy my life and be a part of my son activities ..... that is priceless and this is worthy for the price and the silicone material is stronger than i thought , thanks again for this product , i’ll be a loyal customer forever

I’d give pain relief a 3.5, but my feet usually hurt so bad. They started to get sore when walking, but only a fraction of how much it usually hurts. I wish I had known about these sooner. I’ll update if any major change in my experience. I was pleasantly surprised!

I am a person that like to walk every day for an hour but for about 4 months I have had to stop exercising because I could not stand my ball of foot pain, try to change shoes, wear insoles, tired of spending money and not receiving relief on my feet, until I found this metatarsal pads, I decided to use it in all my activities; Going to work, walking, shopping and the truth is that I recommend it because it has helped me a lot with relieving my foot pain, it is also a very accessible product with the price, 100% recommended.

It is my first time wearing metatarsal pads, first I used it with the high heels that I hadn’t used them a long period of time because of the discomfort, then I used them with sports shoes to exercise and the truth is that it works, It relieved my pain in the metatarsal part of my right foot. It is made of a very good quality material because I have used it several times and it remains intact.

This soft gel insert changed everything for me; Now I can use any type of shoes and when I put this pad I said good bye to the pain, thank you for my feet pain relief.

I highly recommend it.

Great product! Thank you.

i’m not used to leave reviews but this deserves one thanks again i will be buying more of this awesome product on the future

The change is excellent and how it works gave my feet pain relief and comfort