It’s hard to talk about BriskyFeet without talking about Evan Wright. So let’s start there. Throughout his life, Evan suffered from various skin diseases; corns and calluses just to name a few. When looking for solutions, Evan noticed that there were no straightforward footcare options that were made for him. Browsing the web, there were products that worked, but no products he loved. That’s when BriskyFeet was born.

BriskyFeet has one mission: to improve feet health and happiness around the world. And with customers of all ages around the world - especially in the US, we're well on our way. 

With a 30 day return policy, you can try our products risk free. If you enjoy it, it's time to take advantage of our rewards program. Once you do, you can start earing reward points when you buy from us. With every purchase, you will unlock more exciting perks which translates into more exclusive rewards for your future purchases. Together, let's embark on a long term footcare journey. Because we can.

Be kind to your feet,

Evan Wright