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Pedicure Foot File

Embarrassed by unsightly calluses on your feet? Using old heel scrapers and callus remover chemicals can be risky and might not produce the results that you want. You may not always be able to make it to the salon, but now you can get professional results at home with our Rechargeable Foot File and Callus Vacuum Remover.


  • Gently exfoliates callused feet by removing dry, dead skin cells that cause calluses
  • Work on heels, soles, toes, and hands
  • Built-in vacuum buffs away and suction dead skin simultaneously
  • Hassle-free emptying and cleaning
  • Includes 3 coarse exfoliating heads
  • 3- Speed setting
  • Rechargeable battery for convenient portability
How To Use A Foot File

Designed For Every Stage Of Callus

3 Different Heads

  • Extra Coarse Head – Powerful at removing thick, dry skin
  • Regular Coarse Head – Gently but effectively removes tough excess skin
  • Soft Touch Head – Gives your skin a soft, smooth finish

3 Speeds – Adjust to the speed that meets your callus needs

Callus Treatment

Maintaining Soft, Beautiful Skin Has Never Been So Easy

Treat yourself to baby soft feet! Our Rechargeable Foot File and Callus Vacuum Remover gets rid of dead skin and calluses, leaving you with silky smooth feet. Forget about the dusty mess, dead skin cells are vacuumed inside the device, for clean and easy exfoliation.

Effortlessly remove dry patches and dead skin on your feet at any time. The rechargeable battery and mess-free design makes it easy to take anywhere! Enjoy the ease of removing nasty foot calluses in seconds whenever and wherever you want. This is the perfect gift for yourself or friends and family!

How To Get Rid Of Calluses On Feet

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

Great! Works every time I use it.


This Electric Feet Callus Removers sand off callouses and dead skin fast.We all get callouses on our heels and feet as we age. Our heels can even become cracked and rough so they catch on hosiery and other fabric. There are many ways to keep your feet soft and smooth including foot peels, liquid callous removers, manual foot files, and electric foot files. The quickest is the foot file and electric files are easiest of all.This electric file has an internal, rechargeable, battery so it's cordless. It charges via the included, micro USB, charging cable. It features replaceable sanding discs and 3 are included - coarse, medium and fine. It also has a unique vacuum feature that collects some of the dust that is generated (although not all.) There are 3 speeds that you can select by pushing the power button. The device is not waterproof but you can and should remove the sanding discs to wash under running water.This sander works well and keeps my feet smooth and soft between foot peels when I use it weekly. Just sand away rough, thick, calloused areas and then follow up with a good moisturizer and your feel will look and feel great. A couple of things to note: it's kind of hard to get to the highest speed but it's there. You just may have to press the button a few times using long presses. The highest speed works best for heels. Also, this is a very dusty process. This device has a dust collection system. Just remove the sanding disc and then twist off the collar underneath the sanding disc. The collar serves to collect the dust using a foam disc that is inside the collar. Remove it and shake it out or wash it, if necessary. One foam filter comes installed and a second one is included.This is a cute sander, too. It has silicone ears so it looks kind of like a bear. The ears light up and flash during charging and glow steady when charging is complete.The only thing it doesn't come with is a storage bag but everything fits into a quart size freezer baggie so I can keep everything together. Good tool that works very well.

Bernardo Family

Love it. I've only used it once so far. I've used a hand file so I was a little bit scared. Afraid that I might hurt. Took it real slow and lightly but it didn't seem to do anything. So then I press a little harder and just moved it slowly and wow it works. It is rechargeable and very easy to use. It can be turned on and used right away out of the box without being charged at first. To use it first time, I had to remove the plastic wrap of the coarse roller I wanted to use


I love this! I am so happy I ordered this. I don't understand why I need to file my feet as often as I do, but this is definitely helping. Sometimes I work up a sweat with the coarse foot file I was using. This is a breeze. It will even alert you if you are pressing too hard. I was shocked at the amount of dust that was in it. Be careful where you open that! I found out the hard way lol Great pedi gift!


I have now seen it all....a grinder for feet 😂This thing is awesome. I groom dogs and use a nail grinder all day long. The sand paper end makes the nail hot and quickly burns the dogs nail quick so I expected this grinder to do the same and was super nervous about holding it in one spot too long, especially since i have nerve issues in my feet and many areas are numb for the first few layers. But it doesn't burn and it doesn't even get warm! Once I realized this I ran it up my entire leg really quick just to see what it would do....and it was fine. No burn and no pain. It literally only does its job, which is to polish away dead skin on your feet. It comes with a charging cable and the ears light up green once charged. The "ears" btw are a super cute touch. I just love this. I think its fun and effective. I would even give this as a gift! Totally would.

Michael P

Wow! This is a kitten with a whip (a little Ann-Margaret reference there). Anyway, on to my review of the Electric Foot Grinder…This is a mean little machine that has the power to sandblast those rough calloused tootsies of yours. This cat went to town and worked very hard to smooth out my soles.A few points to consider when using this grinder: 1) the three-speed adjustment takes some getting used to, at first you might ask, “I do I turn this thing off?” Answer: Hold it down gently. 2) You can’t press down on your skin and expect it to work miracles right out of the box, it requires a feel and technique to gently smooth out your rough spots. It is not like sanding the back deck of a patio.I like that the unit absorbs the dust versus the old manual way which can make a mess.The USB charges fast and packs a lot of energy. No batteries required.My wife got a kick out of the green Cat Ear Indicator lights and maybe you will too. You can sand away in the dark.Great product replacement for the old arduous and time-consuming Pumice stones.

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